Full Stack Software Developer
Israel Vasquez

Engineering Robust Systems From Conceptualization to Deployment.




Amazon web scraper with Next.js and TypeScript, leveraging the power of BrightData for reliable proxy management and Cheerio for efficient HTML parsing. This tool diligently monitors your selected products, and utilizing cron job scheduling, it promptly dispatches email notifications when there's a change in price or restock status.

  • nextjs
  • typescript
  • cheerio
  • cronjob-scheduler


Trello clone with workspaces, boards, lists, cards, along with audit logs or activity and member roles. Auth, Unsplash API for fetching cover images. Enforces a board limit for every organization but offers a Stripe subscription model to unlock unlimited boards. Supported by a MySQL database, Prisma ORM, shadcnUI, and TailwindCSS for the frontend.

  • nextjs
  • mysql
  • tailwindcss
  • prisma-orm
  • shadcnui


I've worked with a range of technologies in the web development world. From Back-end To Design

  • Fullstack

    React, Django
    and Databases

  • Mobile

    React Native and Flutter

  • Cloud

    AWS and Docker

About Me

Versatile Software Developer with over three years of experience in front-end development, and a burgeoning expertise in back-end technologies, creating a well-rounded skill set in full-stack development. Specializing in React for sophisticated web interfaces. Enhanced academic background with a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and a Fullstack Development Certificate from 4Geeks, further solidifying his technical foundation. Moreover, his bilingual fluency in Spanish and English, combined with his teaching experience at Miami Dade College, underscores his exceptional communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively in diverse environments.

Mastered tech


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Someone who converts caffeine into code